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Lifeline Fire System Nozzle Mounting Tab

Price: $5.20

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When installing any fire system, proper nozzle mounting is critical for maximum system performance. An improperly installed nozzle that deflects when the system fires will not place the suppressant where intended, potentially rendering your expensive, life saving investment useless.

These handy, bendable 5052 aluminum alloy tabs eliminate the labor and hassle involved in fabricating your own tab mounts. The three holes at the base allow for either M6 screw or 1/8" rivet mounting. 

Note - Mounting tabs sold individually.

Pre-2018 Zero 2000 4L systems utilize 4 nozzles that require 10mm version tab. 
2018 and newer Zero 2000 4L systems utilize 8 nozzles that require the 8mm version tab. 
All Zero ZERO and Zero 360 Novec 1230 systems utilize 8mm version tab from start of production.

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