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Rayovac 6LR61 9V Battery

Price: $7.99
Part Number: 700-0006-012-RAY
We strongly recommend replacing the battery after ~24 hours of race/track use for FIA Technical List 52 systems (Zero 3620, Zero 275, Zero EV) and every 6 months for electronically activated FIA Technical List 16 systems (Zero 2000, Zero 360, Zero 2020). 

Not all 9V batteries are the same! It is required to use a 6LR61 spec 9V battery as our research has found these, from reputable brands such as GP Ultra, Duracell, Rayovac, or Energizer, to meet the minimum standards required for your fire suppression system to perform correctly. These can be found at most hardware and big box stores or directly from us, but check the battery itself to ensure you're buying the right spec - this should be stamped or printed on the battery itself and visible through the see-through packaging. Be careful when ordering online, as we have found some vendors will advertise 6LR61 but supply something different. 

  • 6LR61 - Alkaline, cylindrical cell structure (made of 6x AAAA batteries), constant or steady voltage during load with low internal resistance.
  • 6LP3146 - Alkaline, rectangular stacked prismatic cell structure, constant or steady voltage during load with high internal resistance.
  • 6F22 / 6LF22 (Long-life) - Zinc-Carbon, rectangular stacked prismatic cell structure, dropping voltage during load with high internal resistance.

Not using the correct spec or using a "cheap" battery will prevent the system from being able to pass system function and/or battery tests. These tests should be part of every pre-event checklist!

Helpful tips to prolong battery life:
  • Disconnect your 9V battery between events
  • Bring spare(s) to the track
  • When not on track, ensure power pack switch is in center/off position (Zero 2000, Zero 360, Zero 2020) or in test position (Zero 3620, Zero 275, Zero EV).

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