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Zero 360 SFI 17.3 Sprint Car 5lbs Mechanical + Single Auto Activation Fire Suppression System

Price: From $599.99 to $1,005.99

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  • Novec 1230 gas system knocks down fires fast and directly dissipates heat.
  • 5lb system for full coverage of the driver.
  • Automatic fire detection and deployment. Secondary manual activation.
  • Constant Discharge Technology allows for effective fire suppression in full 360° bottle orientation - however your car lands, you’re covered!
  • Carefully designed specifically for Sprint Cars in order to mount under the seat and aimed to attack the most likely sources of ignition (ex. Fuel lines, pump)
  • Lightweight system weighing in at just 7lbs (includes 5lbs of Novec suppressant)! Lightest SFI 17.3 Sprint Car System on the market!

Automatic or manual activation offers extra protection for what is probably one of the worst situations a driver can find themselves in. Unlike other systems on the market that are designed to just pass a controlled fuel pan test, Lifeline has engineered the safest and best system on the market to apply in a real-world application - You won't have that same small, controlled fire in your vehicle when you need your system the most. Novec 1230 is a super-coolant that is able to smother a fire and remove/absorb heat by quickly converting to a gas which knocks down the fire. Novec 1230 is a "Three-Dimensional" agent because it can expand and fill the volume of the cockpit and doesn't have to be sprayed directly at the fire, like foam/liquid. It offers easy to no cleanup as the material evaporates quickly and is completely safe for you, your electronics, vehicle, fabrics and the environment! 

Our sprint car system is specifically designed to meet the needs of its drivers. The manually activated nozzle on the top of the head is strategically placed and designed to cover the interior volume of the vehicle while the auto nozzle is directed at the most likely sources of ignition - fuel lines. High quality materials mixed with the minds of people who care about driver safety has brought us the 5lb Sprint Car Fire Suppression System.

Cage Clamp Note:

  • 1.375" "Squared" shoulder version uses a reducer to meet this smaller diameter. Due to the thickness of the clamp, there is interference when attempting to install the side panel. Most users have cut openings to alleviate this issue and this clamp allows a squared or direct/straight-on assembly.
  • 1.375" Low-Profile Offset version eliminates the above mentioned panel interference but some users have reported issues installing these due to their offset angle and angled alignment during installation. We have found this mainly affects vehicles with thicker powder-coating and slight opening of opening for tube mounting or bolt hole alleviates the alignment issue when installing.
Kit includes:
- 1x Fitted Manual Nozzle
- 1x Fitted Automatic Detection Nozzle
- 1x 6ft Pull Cable
- 2x Low-profile Rollcage Mounts

Remote Sprint Car Note
  • The Remote Sprint Car System is only recommended for those who cannot install the bottle on the left side under the seat.
  • This system will weigh more than the advertised 7lbs.
  • System is supplied with a 27" automatic hose and 4 meters of aluminum tubing.

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